Core Features


Credit card companies penalize businesses with chargebacks when customers dispute a transaction which occurs often in the porn industry. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible putting businesses in control of when refunds should be issued.


Banks and other financial institutions are required to keep personal records of all customers. A cryptocurrency system only records anonymous deposit and withdrawal addresses for each transaction without requiring any personal information.


Cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, and our partners will not require any log-ins or registrations, thereby providing absolute anonymity.


Adult payment processors like CCBill and Epoch charge up to a whopping 15% fee on every transaction. Cryptocurrency transaction fees range between 0% to 0.5% per transaction putting more money into the pockets of businesses.


Stolen credit cards and fraud are very common issues that plague online payment processing. Cryptocurrency is a “cash in hand” monetary instrument where rightful owners in possession of the currency are the only ones who can spend it.


Traditional payment processors like PayPal have historically discriminated against the porn and adult entertainment industry. Cryptocurrency works just like cash where transactions occur peer-to-peer bypassing regulated financial institutions.


Many countries restrict porn distribution legally and technically. A move to the blockchain and peer to peer completely eliminates these restrictions.


Libidocoin has total market supply of 90 million coins only. Due to high demand of libidocoin in the industry the price per coin will go rocket high soon.

What is libido Coin ?

Libidocoin is the payment and access control solution that the adult industry has been waiting for. It has long been known that payments for adult services and products are difficult – credit cards are unreliable and creators often end up cheated.

Introducing Libidocoin. Libidocoin is a peer to peer digital currency. Libidocoin eliminates the need to trust banks or credit card companies. You have the power to know where your money is at all times. Furthermore, Libidocoin is not just a digital currency, It is a specialized currency aimed at creating a marketplace around the adult industry that is secure, private and does not require trust of any other party.

Libidocoin facilitates payment of content producers in a discrete way ensuring both producers and creators are anonymous but at the same time, ensuring efficiency in the payment process.

Our areas of expertise

Adult Industry 99%
Technology 96%
Development 92%
Marketing 80%

“ Be the part of the world’s highest revenue generating industry ”


Libido Adult Platform

The blockchain based adult marketplace for both physical and digital services worldwide.

  • Adult Store: We will be providing the wide range of adult products like vibrators, dildos, lubes, lingerie, men’s special toys, women’s special toys and many more.
  • Pharmacy: Our online store will also provide sexual wellness products like oils, condom’s, Viagra’s, supplements, perfumes and etc.
  • Doctor Consultant:The platform will also provide online doctor consulting for various private problems and guidance purpose. Users can chat with the highly expert doctors all over the world anonymously.
  • Adult Events and Parties: We now organize many types of adult events all over the world like sex parties, beach parties, nude dj parties, rave parties and workshops in various countries and cities privately. But since now this will be done online on the Libido adult platform.
  • Escort Service: We have the large no of prostitute’s data from many countries with different age groups and body types. We are in the process of engaging them in our platform and creating profiles which are verified and medicaly tested. Users can book prostitutes for fun online securely and anonymously.
  • LBD Coin Wallet: Users can store LBD coins in our secure wallet and shop on our platform using the LBD coins. You can also send and receive LBD coins from the wallet.

The app will be only accessible for the libidocoin holder

Our Current Partners and Clients

ICO Details

Libidocoin Logo
Coin Symbol LBD
Total Supply 90,000,000
Blockchain Type ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
Initial Price 0.00009 ETH / LBD
Accepted Currency ETH (ethereum)
Soft Cap 1600 ETH
Hard Cap 6200 ETH
Pre-sale starts on 21th February

Coin Distribution

  • Team & Advisors - 10%
  • Reserved - 5%
  • Pre-Sale - 24%
  • Crowdsale - 61%

Bonus for early buyers

Stage Bonus Valid Till
Pre-sale 30% 21th February to 20th March Or Till 540 ETH
Pre-sale 20% 21st March to 20th April Or Till 1080 ETH
Crowdsale 10% 22nd April to 25th May Or Till 2160 ETH
Crowdsale 0% 26th May to 30th June Or Till 2511 ETH

Exchanges We Are Contacting

Road Map

  • Started working in the adult industry

  • Concept idea

  • Study of blockchain technology to bring the revolutionary change in the adult industry.

  • Implementation of the first version of the Libido adult platform.

  • Libidocoin Presale.

  • Libidocoin Crowdsale.

  • Libidocoin Listing on exchanges

  • Libido adult Platform launching (operating in 6 countries)

  • Libido adult platform world wide launching (more than 18 countries).

  • Libidocoin will be accepted on major porn sites and adult e-commerce sites worldwide.

  • Various adult service provider accepting Libidocoin as payment method from the user all over the world.

  • Libido adult platform operating in more than 34 countries.

Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can keep my Libidocoins (Tokens)? Which wallet I can use?

Any of Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallets are good for keeping Libidocoins (tokens). For example, you can keep Libidocoins at MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity, imToken or any other ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet. As soon as libido adult platform application is live you can also store your coins in our official wallet.

Can I buy Libidocoins from any location?

Yes, this is a worldwide sale and anyone may participate!

Why you are doing an ICO?

Because we believe that it is the most efficient way to grow and to create a community around our product globally. We have already entered the adult industry 7 years ago and have experience about the industry.
We strongly believe that with the help of an ICO, we can not only expand exponentially and more aggressively but also use innovative and technologically advanced ways to deliver our service. We have concrete expansion plans and our end goal is to expand to at least 32 countries in the next year. It is an established real-world business that invites the crypto crowd to take part in its success.

How I can use Libidocoins?

1) You will be able to sell and buy Libidocoins on several exchanges.
2) You can pay with Libidocoins for various adult services with substantial discounts.
3) You can use Libidocoins to buy adult products and services on Libido adult platform.
4) You can sell tokens back to Libidocoin later, with good premium to initial price.
6) You can attend special private events in different countries and cities.
7) Libidocoin can provide you all type of adult fun which you have dreamed before.

What is the maximum amount of Libidocoins I can buy?

We not limit minimum or maximum investment for single buy transaction. You can sent any amount of ETH to Libidocoin smart contract address. After your buy transaction processed by Ethereum network, you will soon receive Libidocoins (LBD tokens) back to your wallet address.

How many Libidocoins will be sold during ICO?

We will sell up to 81,000,000 Libidocoins. Those of buyers who will hurry up and buy Libidocoins in the beginning of sale, will get larger discounts. Last buyers will buy without discount.

Is Libidocoin a scam?

We are not a scam. We have a solid team with good experience in the adult industry. With the help of strong advisors and your support we aim to build a game-changing product.

When exchanges will start accepting Libidocoins (LBD) for trading?

Soon after the ICO ends you will be able to trade Libidocoins on several exchanges.

When can Libidocoins be used to purchase?

Libidocoin in the stage of the Initial Coin Offering are the first way they can be owned by the public as a digital currency in their ERC20 wallet. After the ICO, the next step is to list Libidocoin (LBD) on exchanges to be bought and sold as required.
At the same time we will be working on development to integrate our Libidocoin into various adult payment systems. The more we can circulate our digital currency, the more value the Libidocoin will provide. As Libido adult platorm begins operations, the users can spend Libidocoins to shop and buy services on the platform.

Is there are any restrictions, who can buy Libidocoins?

No any restrictions. Everyone who have ETH and own Ethereum wallet can buy Libidocoins (Tokens).

Some Facts

More and more sex trades are making their way to the Internet because it provides anonymity and security. Sex trades on the Internet also draw in higher-paying clients.

The porn industry also makes more money than The National Football League, The National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball combined and more than NBC, CBS, and ABC combined.

13,000 adult videos are produced annually, amassing over $13 billion dollars in profit. By comparison, Hollywood released 507 movies and made only $8.8 billion.

People spend more than $15 Billion per year on adult toys.

35% of all internet downloads are porn related.

Every Second $3,075.64 is spent on pornography.

Porn websites were the first to offer ‘online payment systems’.

Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.

Marilyn Monroe

Surrounding myself with beautiful women keeps me young.

Hugh Hefner

Sex is the driving force on the planet. We should embrace it, not see it as the enemy.

Hugh Hefner

The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex.

Hugh Hefner